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  • reading a foreign language you're trying to learn: lol this is easy I understand so much of this
  • trying to construct sentences in that language: wtf am I doing jesus take the wheel where is wiktionary





if you were to become the president of the world, what is the first law you would pass?

Execute The Furries

*growls angrily and raises tail in caution*


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this dog is part husky part lab

the split is straight down the middle, quite literally


LOOK AT THIS!!! It looks like two different dogs! She literally got looks from both sides of her parents! JUST IMAGINE HOW HAPPY THEY MUST BE!!!!!

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菅 | Hp [pixiv]


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The Last Unicorn - Regret

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ANOTHER ANATOMY POST! Only three vertebrate groups have successfully evolved flight: Birds, Bats, and Pterosaurs, which are NOT dinosaurs, and are an extremely diverse group of reptiles! Pterodactyl is not the only one. However, birds ARE dinosaurs. Avian dinosaurs!

Wings are not some extra structure you tack on to a creature and somehow the arms go away— they ARE arms. Think about that when you are designing creatures with wings and also giving them arms. That means your creature has six limbs.

Next anatomy post: The anatomy and evolution of DRAGONS. If you guys have any requests, feel free to send them in!

Yes! Thank you! I spent a summer identifying fossils in S.Africa, and The *best part* was discovering that all mammals have the same bone parts, just all different sizes due to evolution. SCIENCE!

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The Black Dragonfish(Idiacanthus atlanticus) of the Stomiidae family.

I love how this is like a creature from hell but it has like little pink cheeks 

deep sea anime blush stickers

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Clouds on the plane when I was on my way home from Barcelona.


haru, rin and sousuke.

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My piece for the 2015 Werewolf Calendar. I missed out last year, so was happy to be invited back to contribute this year. A lot of fantastic artists were involved and there was some great art made! You can find (and support) the project here!

Caption: Using sophisticated tracking and management protocols, rogue or “lone” werewolves have become less frequent in occurrence in modern days. However, with the continued encroachment of man and domesticated animal species in further remote regions, rabies is sadly becoming a more common affliction among many wild canid species. Though rare, it is no longer unheard of for a werewolf to become afflicted with this illness. With formidable size, intelligence and strength no less than triple that of a wolf, rabid werewolves pose a serious threat. Having high pain tolerance and manic tendencies, rabid werewolves are not easily stopped or captured. Unlike rabies in common dogs or wolves, late stage progression of rabies in werewolves does not always lead to death. The werewolf will lose his ability to shift back into human form as well as lose much of their protective coat. Appearing crazed and wide eyed, the rabid werewolf is easy to identify but should not be approached by an untrained professional.

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laid is pronounced like paid but not said and said is pronounced like bread but not bead and bead is pronounced like lead but not lead

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“I wish I could be more.” — (Six Word Story)

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